ICE Group Payroll Bureau commenced in 1980 when our company founder the late Tom Cox rented some time on a Digital PDP11 Mini Computer and ran the payrolls for a number of companies in the Galway region. As he found this service to be much sought after in these days before the birth of the PC he progressed this service and ICE Group purchased it’s own computer and provided the service full time.

Today we now use Sage Micropay as our chosen Payroll Software provider and operate on a computer network. Some of our clients from the 80’s are still with us today, a true independent testimony to the high service levels that we provide our clients.

Reasons for Clients leaving our service are either that the Client has gone out of business or have brought the service in-house. This trend was evident during the rise of the PC and Payroll Software in the 80’ & 90’s. In today’s cost conscious environment this Trend is increasingly reversing with companies concentrating on what they are good at and leaving the Payroll Administration to the Experts…..

ICE Group

The reasons for using a Payroll Bureau are varied

  • Increased Confidentiality
  • No Annual Maintenance Charges
  • No Payroll Stationary Requirements
  • Fixed Cost Structure
  • No Holiday Headaches
  • Expertise in Payroll
  • No Training Costs
  • Employees are Paid on Time and Correctly