‘Half of Irish adults risk exclusion from the workforce because they don’t have the digital skills required to thrive.’

This is a headline of an article that was recently published in The Irish Times and with Ireland ranking 6th in Europe for digitalisation, a number that should not be representative of our workforce.  Ireland is currently becoming more connective, more digitalised and with our open economy, a major centre for foreign direct investment. Having such a high number of people lacking the skills to compete with the advancement in technology, a recent study by the Code Institute indicates that 12,000 jobs are to go unfilled in the next 2 years in the Irish Information and Communications Technology sector. Also, a lack of basic digital skills will not just negatively impact employability in the technology sector but across all sectors, including traditional industries where the nature of jobs is ever-changing to keep up with current trends.

Many people lacking these necessary skills do so as they didn’t exist when they were in education.  We are also seeing a rise in graduates finding that their digital skills are becoming irrelevant after 5 to 10 years as how we use technology changes so rapidly.  Vodafone Ireland say that progress needs to be made across three areas: education, workforce and society.

So, how can we at Pitman Training help?

Pitman Training Ireland West is part of the largest independent network of training centres in Ireland.  Our courses are career-specific, practical and we specialise in Microsoft packages, computer and Office Skills courses.  We also have a number of IT Technical courses that can help you develop skills such as basic programming, computational thinking and web design

Our courses offer training for a wide range of necessary computer skills to meet the demands of the advances in technology.  We can tailor a course to suit the requirements set out by a job specification, using electives to boost your learning potential.  We cater to employers as well, allowing flexible study times so that your workforce can be training while they work. And with the introduction to our Pitman Training Digital Skills Diplomas, where we are providing training on behalf of MSLETB, you may be eligible for funding to provide for your staff.

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