Here are some useful tips to help maximise your study sessions with Pitman Training

Study Tips

  1. Keep the area around your desk neat and tidy. This is very important as a cluttered workspace may cause a cluttered mind. It is also important that you find a quiet place to study. If you are studying in-centre with us at Pitman Training, this is an ideal study setting as it replicates a library environment where students can benefit from a quiet environment. If you are studying remotely, it is important that you find a quiet, isolated space so that your concentration levels don’t waver.
  2. Try to set 45-minute intervals for study sessions followed by 15-minute breaks. This will make your study session more attainable and you will have more motivation it the sessions are shorter.
  3. Create a realistic study plan for yourself. This should be done over a weekly period and try to stick to the timetable you have drafted for yourself. If you need help and advice on this, speak to one of our Training and Careers Directors in our training centres.
  4. If you are finding some of the course content a bit problematic, prepare questions to test yourself after each lesson. This will act as a revision exercise and my help upon completion of the course, to look back on before sitting an exam.
  5. Keep hydrated – This will keep you more alert. Water is best for hydration.
  6. Make notes for revision purposes and summarise large chunks of information into bite-sized summary notes. This will be a useful revision tool (Use cue cards if they help)
  7. Make sure to revise and review what you have studied during your study session as this will help you to retain the information.

Try to Avoid:

  1. Mobile phones – Having a mobile phone nearby is a big temptation and may cause you to become distracted from studying. Replying to a text or phone call can almost always wait the 45 minutes you have dedicated to studying. If you must have your phone close by, have it on silent mode.
  2. Cramming – Try to keep the flow and pace of your study frequent to illuminate panicking and cramming last minute.

Happy studying!

Tracey Dowd.

Training and Careers Director, Pitman Training Galway.
091 752345