As we start to see the reopening of our economy and our lives are slowly beginning to revert back to ‘normal’ we need to ask ourselves, what have we really learned from this pandemic? 

Is the career I’m in stable?  Is it what I really want to do? Do I want the ability to choose between working from home or working on site? Have I got the skills necessary to go for all of the above? 

Is it your time to make that change?

In March 2020, millions of people across the world had their career choices taken from them.  They either had to work from home, lost their job or, in the case of the modern-day heroes, ploughed on through, serving us in our food shops or holding the hands of the people in hospital beds.  We just ‘got on’ with it.  We adapted as best we could and we hoped for better days. 

Those days are coming.   

We are seeing a huge shift in the career opportunities that are available to people.  So many companies are now in positions to employ people to work from home, many are going to be operating a hybrid system, giving their employees options and sectors in Ireland are starting to boom like never before.  So, where does that leave you? 

In the next two decades, 90% of jobs will require some form of Digital Skills.  At Pitman Training, we have over 250 online training courses that will give you the skills and training necessary to be able to move into a career you really want.  From Microsoft Office to Software Development, we have a variety of options available that will start you in the direction you want to go.  With our flexible, fully supported training, you can study while you work, giving you the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’ making the whole experience less stressful and more fruitful. 

You could be in a safe, stable job that you really love by the end of 2021 and never look back. 

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