Since the pandemic, the interview process has had to be altered to adapt to the current climate and more and more employers are choosing to do video interviews to hire staff.

I have outlined below, some tips to help you get through this process and hopefully showcase your potential to the maximum on a video interview.

Video Platforms & Devices

First of all, you’ll need to check your broadband speed and the equipment you wish to use for the interview (tablet, laptop, phone, pc)

It’s also very important that the equipment that you intend to use is fully charged and that you have tested the camera and audio. Perhaps practice a zoom call with a friend to test everything out and get familiar with the application being used. (Most video interviews will be done on Zoom or Microsoft Teams)

My Advice

  • It’s important to choose a quiet location for your video interview where you are unlikely to be interrupted or disturbed. Switch off all other devices as the last thing you want to happen on a live video interview is for your mobile phone to ring.
  • Use a neutral background if possible. There are lots of templates available.
  • Make sure the room is well lit and if not, introduce some lighting either overhead or perhaps use a lamp.
  • The height of the camera is also important so make sure that the camera is at eye level.
  • Look directly at the webcam as if you were face to face with the interviewer. Sit up straight and check your posture.
  • Dress appropriately as if it was a real, face to face interview. This will help you focus and take the interview more seriously.
  • Most importantly: PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!!! As with a face to face interview, it is crucial that you prepare for your interview. Make sure you have done some research on the company and take time to examine the job specification. The key is to identify the skills required and relay this back to the employer with your existing skills and training.

Our Pitman Training Graduates have been successful with video interviews over the past few weeks, if you would like to have an Industry Recognised Qualification on your CV and stand out for the roles you want to get, contact me or my colleagues in Limerick & Sligo today.

Thank you.

Tracey Dowd | ICE Group | Pitman Training Galway