After such a strange and difficult year, with many job losses and redundancies happening not only in Ireland but around the world, there is no better time to rethink your career journey and gain the necessary skills needed in this ever-changing job market. Job roles and their requirements are changing constantly; employees expect more opportunities for growth within their companies. 

As technology creates new opportunities and job positions within the workplace, it becomes so important for companies to fill these new roles with candidates who possess the relevant and specialized skill set. 

Upskilling is so beneficial for your career – even more so if you’re considering a career change or a move to an unfamiliar industry. Taking this leap can feel scary and downright impossible, especially if you feel that you lack the experience, knowledge or confidence to turn your dreams into a reality. 

But don’t despair, it’s more possible than ever before to transform yourself and your career by simply learning the required skills, honing on your experience and proving to employers that you have what it takes to succeed in the position.  

By upskilling, you will not only gain the right skills and prove yourself to employers but also develop your confidence and help you decide the best path for your future. 

If you are considering making a career change – no matter how big or small, here are some of the ways you can benefit from starting this journey right now. 

The benefits of upskilling 

Companies often invest in upskilling their workforce, but you can also choose to enhance your skills on your own. You will benefit throughout your career by: 

Filling in the skill gaps 

You can have specific skill gaps that can stop you from advancing in your career or you can recognise that particular gaps exist in your current workforce. When you upskill online, you are able to maintain a productive part of the workforce while filling in the gaps in your skillset and will therefore make you more valuable. 

Improving Opportunities 

Workers, especially in the IT/Tech field are known to switch jobs and often seek higher salaries. Having the right skills will improve these opportunities, allowing you to find employment faster and you will have better control over your career. When you have more soft and hard skills, you become more valuable in the eyes of your employer or potential employers. 

Discovering new career paths 

Learning new skills and revisiting the ones you already have may lead you to a new career path. Entering new positions in a completely new field is possible when you continue to learn new skills. 

Refreshing your CV. 

Improving your skills and expanding upon your education also will in turn assist you with job hunting. Often AI (Artificial Intelligence) used to sort through resumes, one or more skills added to the CV can mean the difference between a human looking at your CV or not. Employers also prefer to hire employees that take the initiative to continue their education.  

The overall practice of upskilling is about staying relevant in today’s market, whilst also ensuring future career prospects remain strong. 

Why upskilling online is important for busy professionals 

Online learning allows you to: 

  • Learn at your own convenience 
  • Choose the necessary skills you find the most valuable 
  • Take greater control of your career 
  • Be more confident in your work and future prospects 

With all that being said, are you ready to upskill?  

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Upskilling – Why is it so important? – written by Kelly Hobbs.